Sunday, November 13, 2011


I will be posting photos of some of my artwork from years past, as the weeks go on. Also I am considering doing a daily project and thought this would be some motivation to create. I'm not to sure of my theme for my daily project but believe it will be a character a day. I am hoping to at least accomplish a year, but working a full time job six days a week may affect any daily outcome. I have been drawing all of my life, taking many art classes, with art groups, studied under a local artist for a couple of years and even had taken several evening illustration classes at a New England art school. Over the past several years, picking up a pencil has been rare. I want this blog to be my motivation!

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  1. Draw or Paint or something u son of a gun...get motivated? We have children s books to write and create...come on gonna have to pay for college soon so we need to get this show on the road.